Zachariah…and Pamela Anderson

Truth be told, your nerdy AMM host is drooling like a goblin over Hyperreal Film Club‘s upcoming scary October screenings at Hotel Vegas. This Austin-based film lovers’ club, formed in 2016, does badass pop-up screenings of independent films of every genre at various spots around town, and provides a platform for guest columnists to write about the films they see – the good, the bad, and the seriously ugly. And October is looking terrifyingly awesome, with House of Wax, Event Horizon, Basket Case (Henenlotter??!! Yessss!!) and Ringu, not to mention a much milder nostalgic stroll through the jack-o-lanterns with Halloweentown.

Before your AMM host overdoses on horror galore, let’s rein it back in to the here and now for an ultra cool happening tonight at Hotel Vegas. Welcome to the 1971 wild contemporary western outlaw adventure Zachariah, though this is not your daddy’s gunslinger movie. Hailed by many as the original gay western predating Brokeback Mountain, Zachariah brings sharp shooters, electric guitars, drummer Elvin Jones as a bandit in the most badass ensemble, and starring John Rubenstein and Don Johnson as the worst bank robbers ever. It all starts with a mail order gun…

Tonight’s screening features a music video release performance by Austin-based psych-western outfit Sheverb, featuring the fabulous Brigitte Bandit, for “Pamela Anderson Was a Prophet”; and western-infused baroque pop courtesy of KUTX’s June 2023 Artist of the Month, Pelvis Wrestley. The event starts at 8 p.m. this evening. Let those spurs sparkle.

AMM Sept. 25 2023

Hyperreal Film Club screens ‘Zachariah’ tonight, with Sheverb & Brigitte Bandit, and Pelvis Wrestley.

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