Our Favorite Austin Songs of 2023…So far

Darren Puccala / KUTX

The Stacks – “Dope Demise”

As guitarist for Austin’s buzzworthy Good Looks, Jake Ames was forced to put his own project, The Stacks, on hold while touring behind that band’s first album. On hold no longer, The Stacks’ self-titled debut hits that sweet spot between folky Americana and upbeat, dreamy indie rock. Especially songs like “Dope Demise,” the perfect tune to kick off that summer road trip. 

Peter Babb – Digital Web Editor


Urban Heat – “Goodbye Horses”

Former KUTX Artist of the Month Urban Heat has quickly become one of my favorite live shows in town, with their infinitely danceable post-punk anthems and frontman Jonathan Horstman’s physically commanding stage presence. Their take on the 1988 brooding synth-pop hit “Goodbye Horses” is one part faithful cover and 100% awesome.

Peter Babb – Digital Web Editor


Alex DL – “II”

This year Austin-based veteran electronic producer Alex DL (FKA IAYD) released his album Rite of Passage. The track “II” is equal parts relaxing, stimulating, ambient and haunting.  Highly recommended for fans of instrumental Synth music.  

Andrew “Soundfounder” Brown – Host


Flobama – “Gradients” 

Austin beatmaker Flobama continues his prolific stream of releases in 2023 with one of his best tracks yet. Smooth synth lines and expert drum samples create an undeniable groove and an all-around great listening experience.  

Andrew “Soundfounder” Brown – Host



Who doesn’t love a good psych-rock song, right?  But it gets better.  They’re an Austin foursome featuring a female lead vocal with Alex Maas producing and James Petralli engineering.  No wonder it’s such an instant classic.

Susan Castle – Host


Wild Child – “End Of The World”

The first full-length in five years from Kelsey Wilson, Alexander Beggins and Co. is deep in great songs, and I wish this title track didn’t resonate so strongly with me lyrically but alas….”it’s freaking me out” (but at least I’m not alone). The band didn’t play this one at their recent Studio 1A performance, but it was still excellent.

Jody Denberg – Host

I don’t know that anyone in Austin is writing more well-crafted pop songs than Kelsey Wilson right now. It’s like she carries around a pillowcase full of hooks and clever turns of phrase and pours them out on every different project. “End of the World” is a bonafide classic with some of the funniest lyrics of the year (e.g. “You do pilates and it’s freaking me out”).

Rick McNulty – Music Director, Host “Left Of The Dial”


Kalu & The Electric Joint – “Crime”

Garden of Eden, the latest album from the Austin band, adds to their already great body of work. “Crime” sits near the end of the album but it could’ve easily started it and hit all the same. Kalu & The Electric Joint are one of the best bands in the land and “Crime” proves it.

“Confucius” Jones – Host


Grace Sorensen – “Digits (ft Magna Carda)”

I’ve been calling her Austin’s Wonder Kid for about two years now, and Grace Sorensen proves it with this sultry R&B bop accompanied by fellow Austin artists Magna Carda.  

Aaron “Fresh” Knight- Host

I don’t go out late night anymore trying to connect with people and hopefully give them my number – but this song makes me feel like I’m still in that part of my life! The beat puts me in the club, and Grace’s voice, plus Megz’s flow, straddles the line between desire and desperation. Suddenly I’m 23 again, and loving it.

Elizabeth McQueen – Podcast Producer

This song is so incredibly sexy, and frankly, that’s what I’m into right now!

Trina Quinn – Host



Pelvis Wrestly – “Keep on Running” 

I’m so ready for Pelvis Wrestly’s take on country music. Singer-songwriter Benjamin Violet’s voice has this vulnerable conviction that makes me want to listen again and again. The track takes me to an 80’s Bruce Springsteen place, but with 200% more strings! And synths that make my heart sing! Yes please!

Elizabeth McQueen – Podcast Producer


Die Spitz – “Chug”

This song is so incredibly sexy, and frankly, that’s what I’m into right now!

Trina Quinn – Host

Walker Lukens – “The One Who Loves You”

This song is so incredibly sexy, and frankly, that’s what I’m into right now!

Trina Quinn – Host


Being Dead – “Muriel’s Big Day Off” 

A weird band of titillation and surprise, Being Dead never fails to pull you in.  With hypnotic harmonies and an impressive amount of tightness, “Muriel’s Big Day Off”’s titular character enjoys a day in the city, having tea with friends and making multiple shoplifting trips to Payless. An enigmatic character, and you want to be the person Muriel is meeting for tea between her budget-fashion escapades.

Taylor Wallace – Host

The creative force driving the work of Being Dead is alive and well. The Austin-based trio spell out why you should be excited for their first album, “it’s spelled like this: M-U-R-I-E-L.”Muriel’s Big Day Off, is an indie-pop song with garage rock vocals, split down the middle with a jazzy drum sequence recounting the mayhem of Muriel’s free day.

Darren Puccala – Intern


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