Best Songs Ever…This Week 4.13.18

The best songs ever according to KUTX Program Director Matt Reilly

Brownout – Fight The Power (Public Enemy)

First up, it’s Brownout, from right here in Austin. And you might recall that recently, they took on the Black Sabbath catalog, rebranded themselves Brown Sabbath, and imprinted their signature Latin/funk/soul sound on top of Black Sabbath classics. This time out, they’re taking on Public Enemy. Instead of Fear Of A Black Planet—the famous Public Enemy record—Brownout is giving us Fear Of A Brown Planet. Check it out—Brownout taking on Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power.”

Shopping – The Hype

Next up, it’s Shopping. This is a British trio, and they sound like if the B-52’s and Gang Of Four had a baby. So those of us who come from Generation X, this song hits a lot of the feels. Check out the drumming on this song, “The Hype.” That drummer is working—gotta dig it.

TC&I –  Great Aspirations

And finally, we come to TC&I. This is Colin Moulding and Terry Chambers, formerly of the British pop group XTC, and these guys have been semi-retired as of late. But their new EP, Great Aspirations, is a crowd-funded and self-recorded record, so a full DIY project here. They get back into it with this kinda silly song called “Kenny.” The first time I heard it, I rolled my eyes, thinking it was kinda dorky. But the more I hear it, the more I love it.

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