This Song: BØRNS // Calliope Musicals

It’s ELO Mania on This Song!

First is BØRNS who first discovered ELO as a kid and returned to the group’s not-so-simple chord changes as an adult.  He talks to Elizabeth about “Turn To Stone,” Jeff Lynn’s writing style, guilty pleasures and how he approaches the songwriting process.

Next up is Carrie Fussell and Josh Bickley from Austin’s own Calliope Musicals.  Carrie picks “Tightrope” as her song but quickly gushes about the entire ELO album “A New World Record” and how it guided her through her tough times and helped develop a new artistic direction for the band. Then the band’s co-founder and drummer Josh Bickley explains how the lyrics of a very non drum centric Blind Melon song won over his very drum centric heart.

Watch Børns perform Live in Studio 1A on VuHaus

Listen to the full Børns session from Studio 1A

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Watch Calliope Musicals reform Live from Studio 1A on Vuhaus

Watch Calliope Musicals perform an acoustic version of  “Dreams” backstage at ACLfest on VuHaus

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