KUTX at Home: Flock of Dimes 4.28.21

Photo by Graham Tolbert

KUTX at Home: Flock of Dimes 4.28.21

Host: Laurie Gallardo; Producer: Deidre Gott; Songs: \"Two\" \"Price of Blue\" Album: Head of Roses

Solitude can be a wonderful thing. That is, unless it feels as though the rug has been violently pulled from beneath one’s feet. Here – a year’s worth of solitude, unexpected and nonnegotiable. Deal with it.

For an artist like Jenn Wasner – the heart and soul of Flock of Dimes, one half of Wye Oak, and multi-talented/multi-faceted and much-beloved collaborator in the indie universe, it could damn well have felt like the walls were caving in. When the pandemic hit, Wasner was about to head out on tour with Bon Iver, while simultaneously processing a breakup.

One must understand why Wasner’s creative input is in demand. You don’t shut that brilliance off. This heartbreak became the fuel behind Flock of Dimes’ superlative Head of Roses, one of the most cathartic listening experiences in terms of incredible lyricism, multi-genre styles, reflection, coping, and acceptance of self.

I recently sat down for a chat with Wasner about making music in the midst of grieving, creating during the pandemic, disregarding the narrow confines of genre, and…did you know that Wasner is a fan of Veracruz migas poblanas tacos? Laurie Gallardo, KUTX Host

Flock of Dimes will be live streaming May 20 and 27 at 8pm central. More information at Noon Chorus.


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