Fresh’s Top Tracks of 2017

Aaron “Fresh” Knight hosts The Breaks with Confucius and Fresh every Saturday night 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. Here are his top 5 songs of the year:


1) Childish Gambino – Redbone

After the success of his series Atlanta on FX, the album Awaken My Love was everything needed at that point in time. The soulful, psychedelic tune of Redbone was genius and showed us all just how much more talented Donald Glover or Childish Gambino is. 

2) Jay-Z – Moonlight

On his most vulnerable album to date, Jay speaks on something that is all too familiar with the Black Community, “even when we win we gone lose.” Jay’s rap is a play off of the mix up at the Oscar for best picture being announced as “La La Land,” but was in fact “Moonlight.”  Jay raps about the plight of African Americans in America saying that no matter how much we advance, it’s never enough for anyone else in this country, not even ourselves. 

3) Jake Lloyd – Str8ge Frute

Austin’s own came with a record that has caught steam and showed that he is a true crooner. As we impatiently wait for his much anticipated self-titled album this record is steady holding strong as a favorite of The Breaks. 

4) The Teeta – Livin Legends

ATX rapper Teeta has provided what’s sort of the unofficial anthem for a lot of the rap artists here in Austin. All the work put in by many of us in the ATX Hip Hop scene makes us feel like we are living legends, myself included. You can hear the song on Teeta’s Monsta In The Attic 3 album. 

5) Big KRIT – Confetti

The lead single to KRIT’s new album, 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time, KRIT hit us with a heavy bass-filled song that lets us talk our talk with having to really insult anyone. If you’ve ever felt like flexing your position or status on someone then this song is for you. 

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