Happy Trails Trina

KUTX accepted my resignation about a week ago. If you ever get the chance to work at the most perfect radio station with the most lovable group of people, then decide to go traveling indefinitely with your beloved family, be sure to make your last days at work during a membership drive spending 8 days talking about how great said radio station is! Knife in and twist! This is my last week at KUTX. It is bittersweet and I’m feeling the loss, but when dreams actualize, one must act! I wholeheartedly encourage all to seize their day and also, make time to travel, travel, travel.  

I’ve more than enjoyed my time here, I have cherished it! Thank you all for having me.

Adios (for now),



To say I’m bummed would be an understatement. I almost didn’t accept her resignation.  I will miss Trina’s immense talent on air and her unparalleled sense of humor. She’s like my sister from another mother. It’s hard to make me blush and she can do it easily.  I wish her nothing but the best as she pursues her dream of being a vagabond.

– Matt Reilly, KUTX Program Director

There is so much I’ll love and miss about Trina as a person, particularly her wildly inappropriate sense of humor – no one at KUTX makes me laugh like she does. But I’ll miss her as an on-air host, too. I’ve always admired the way Trina brings something of herself to in-studio interviews. Often, in the middle of an interview, she’ll share something from her own life – not in a HEY, IT’S THE TRINA SHOW way, but as a way to connect with the artist she’s interviewing, human-to-human. It doesn’t always work – some artists don’t pick up what she’s puttin’ down – but when Trina connects with her subject, it’s beautiful (and often very funny.) That she’s willing to even take that risk on the air – to be so vulnerably herself – is remarkable. “Authentic” is such an empty buzz word these days, but Trina nails it.

– Jacquie Fuller, KUTX Asst. Program Director

Trinalicious – So this is how it ends after decades? Nah! We’ll always be buds. But I will miss seeing you 4 times a week (and thanks for being the perfect airshift trade-off partner). Big love to you and your family and happy trails. Love, Jody.

Jody Denberg, KUTX Host: M-Th 5p-8p & Fri 12p-4p

It has been such a pleasure to get to know you over these past couple of years!  I cant wait to hear about all your adventures.  Seriously, you are living the dream! Love, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth McQueen, KUTX Host: Sat 10a-2p, Host ofThis Song podcast

Have some great adventures out there on the road……………I salute your free-spiritedness. We’ll miss you, especially at 2pm!

Jay Trachtenberg, KUTX Host: M-Th 12p-2p, Sun 7a-10a 

Trina, how could you leave us? Clearly, you haven’t considered our afternoon office morale in your decision. I mean really, this whole ‘spend more time with my family’ thing is so cliche. At least think of a better excuse. I can’t stop you from doing this, but just know we’re not happy about it. We’ll miss you lots.

Jeff McCord, KUTX Music Director, Host Fri. 6a-9a

Thanks for being such a sunny presence around the office. You’ve made my joining the KUT/X team a better experience. I’ll miss working with you. Have fun & Bon Voyage!

Jake Perlman, Audio Production Engineer

Say it ain’t so!!! Our dear, sweet, Trina Quinn is signing off from KUTX for the last time. There aren’t enough crying face emoji in the world to convey my loss at your departure, but I thank my lucky stars for all the great memories you leave behind. You will always be a part of the KUTX family and we wish you and yours the very best on the new adventure!

Peter Babb, KUTX Digital Content Manager

To me, Trina is like (another) cool older sister: perceptive, adventurous, and sometimes hilariously inappropriate (DJs got to get it out off-air, ya know…). Good luck on your vagabond adventure!

Art Levy, Host: Sun. 10a-2p, Producer: Song of the Day & My KUTX

TRINA! You keep leaving the radio station as soon after I start working there. First 101X now KUTX. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?! I’M SO SORRY! You have always been one of my favorite interviewers-simultaneously humorous, relatable, vulnerable and insightful. I will miss you greatly and your independent “seize the day” spirit is inspiring. Best wishes!

– Deidre Gott, KUTX Live Music Producer

Trina, I have many fond memories of the times we’d be cracking up over silly things. Your sense of humor has kept me going, and it won’t be the same without you around to get the giggles with. But I do know you’re embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Go forth and conquer the world, Mighty Quinn! I’m going to miss you something awful. And hey – we’ll always have Fitz and The Tantrums. HEY-oh!

– Laurie Gallardo, KUTX Host, Producer: Austin Music Minute

Seriously?  Who’s gonna make us belly laugh and embarrass us in front of student interns and crack us up in Studio 1A with her random musings and post hilarious things on Facebook and say mean things about my tweeting skills to co-workers when I can hear you merely 2 cubicles away??? 

Gonna miss you terribly, my friend, but am so happy that you’re getting to live your dream. Bon voyage!  

Susan Castle, KUTX Host M-F 9a-12p

Trina, I was totally wrong about you. At first I thought you were goofy. I still do, but I realized that you were goofy *and* talented. Good luck out there. Avoid rest stops and pee on the side of the road. Be nice to the bears that you meet.

– Rick McNulty, KUTX Host, Left of the Dial and Saturday Nights R&B

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