KUTX At Home: Japanese Breakfast 6.4.21

KUTX at Home: Japanese Breakfast 6.4.21

Host: Taylor Wallace; Producer: Deidre Gott; Album: Jubilee; Songs: \"Be Sweet\" \"Savage Good Boy\"

Before we lean into our on-topic conversation, Michelle Zauner and I geek out over our love for Game of Thrones, commiserating over the fact that despite the last season, the show as a whole keeps pulling us back in. It was like making a new friend. Once we jumped into our official chat, we talk about her new antithetical releases: the memoir Crying In H Mart exploring the themes of grief, family, and food and the new Japanese Breakfast album Jubilee. While the memoir more closely aligns with the mood and theme of the first two Japanese Breakfast albums, Jubilee breaks away, announcing itself with its name punctuated by the yellow-themed album cover. We talk about her journey working on the album balanced with the editing and revision process of the memoir and her reconnection to her Korean heritage while taking care of her mother before her passing.

My favorite part of our chat was about the recently released video for “Savage Good Boy” starring Michael Imperioli, famous for playing Christopher Moltisanti in The Sopranos, one of my top three favorite shows of all-time. Enjoy the conversation, and when you read Crying In H Mart, I recommend having the internet on hand to look up all of the delicious Korean dishes she mentions. You will be hungry.     -Taylor Wallace, KUTX Morning Host


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