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Thursday, September 28th

Radney Foster [Sycamore Creek] – 8:00pm @ Paramount

The position that Radney Foster enjoys in the country music landscape is remarkable. Mainstream country music and independent Americana tend to occupy separate orbits. Yet for 30 years Foster has thrived in both as a songwriter, recording artist, live performer and producer. His songs—solo, with Foster and Lloyd and recorded by other artists—have topped the country, Americana, and AAA charts alike. At the same time, he’s earned the respect of his peers and a devoted audience as intent on listening as they are eager to dance.

Friday, September 29th

The Banisters [Piñon Vista] – 9:00pm @ Cheer Up Charlie’s

The Banisters are an indie soul rock band from Austin, Texas. The five-piece group started in the summer of 2015 as Dean Curran and Chris DeSilva  met as middle school teachers. The songwriting core was rounded out with the addition of Nicole Hutchins, and the trio began to blend their punk, blues, and soul influences. Jonny Thompson joined on bass in early 2016 and The Banisters played dozens of shows and released their debut EP in the fall of 2016. With the departure of their original drummer the rhythm section is now filled out by Ian Benjamin on drums. The Banisters look forward to releasing their second EP, Piñon Vista, later this fall.

In addition to their upcoming sophomore EP, the five-piece has been honing in on a live sound that you don’t want to miss. Their combination of dynamics, stage presence, and catchy tunes make The Banisters something you’ll want to hold on to.

Otis the Destroyer [Keep Bashing] – 9:00pm @ Hotel Vegas

Following their Studio 1A performance, this local five-piece is set to release their sophomore full-length.

Saturday, September 30th

AJ Croce [Just Like Medicine] – 8:00pm @ Stateside at Paramount

Some artists are afforded the chance to tell their personal stories as they see fit, at a particular moment when they know the time has come. But for many, there is no choice — the story emerges hardwired to the music and they become forever identified with it no matter how their story may evolve or change.  A.J. Croce has been inextricably linked to a version of his own story by virtue of his name. He’s experienced a lifetime of comparisons to a father he lost at age two, whose music bears little resemblance to his own output yet still serves as a reference point despite the years that have passed and the many iconic mentors who have stepped in to offer their counsel, creativity, and endorsement throughout his long career.

His gritty and accomplished ninth studio album, produced by legendary soul singer-songwriter and producer Dan Penn, is the latest and arguably greatest effort yet. In truth — as Just Like Medicine demonstrates beautifully — A.J. Croce has spent his very musical life forging deep connections with music and musicians, including with producer Dan Penn and many of the other soulful artists who helped him make this new album. “I’ve had the chance to work with a lot of my musical heroes and a lot of people who became my heroes as I worked with them,” Croce explains. “These people don’t have a lot to prove. And one thing I found out is that even with all they’ve done and all they’ve achieved, every one of them is really open in the end. Even though they may have a certain style, and sometimes be stubborn about how they do things, when push comes to shove, they are open, willing and able to go in any number of directions to chase a good song. They’ve all taught me a lot about how to follow the music and find the truth. That’s why the music of Just Like Medicine sounds real and raw — it’s meant-to-be music. This music here was not fixed. This music here was made.”

The Crack Pipes [Beauty School Re-Release] – 9:00pm @ Grackle

Come celebrate the release of Beauty School, The Crack Pipes’ third album from 2005, on vinyl for the first time ever! Beauty School drops September 29th on Sonic Surgery Records and can be ordered online at sonicsurgeryrecords.bigcartel.com.

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