Michael Crockett’s Top Tracks of 2017

Michael Crockett hosts Horizontes Sunday nights 7 – 10 p.m. Here are his top 5 songs of this year:


1) Zanna -Vento de Praia Nordeste

Relaxing, lush bossa nova in the style of Jobim reflecting on a day at the beach. Zanna is a new artist whose self-titled album was recently nominated for a Latin Grammy.

2)Ferrugem – O Som do Tambor 

A good vibe samba called “The Sound of the Drum” from Rio de Janeiro red-headed singer Ferrugem (Rusty) whose strong voice has captivated me and a lot of fans in Brazil as well.

3) Jorge Drexler -Movimiento

Uruguayan singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler touches on human migration in his poem turned into a  song. The refrain says: “We are a species on the move… all children of immigrants.…I’m not from here, but neither are you” The song’s well worth-watching  video shows a Tarahumara indian girl running 100km through the Mexican sierra.

4) Ibeyi – Me Voy (ft. Mala Rodriguez)

The French-Cuban twin sisters, Ibeyi, usually sing in English but add their ethereal music and voices to that of Spanish rapper Mala Rodriguez on this song poem about leaving.

5) Leti Garza – Mis Ojos Sobre Ti

Austin singer Leticia Rodriguez Garza spars playfully with Grupo Fantasma percussionist and singer José Galeano on this Latin Rock track from her new album El Unico Para Mi.

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