New Album From Magna Carda

On their new album CirQlation, Magna Carda combines a deep seated appreciation for old school R&B, Soul, and Funk beats with some serious Hip-Hop swagger. Chief lyricist Megz Kelli delivers her lines in a powerful staccato that drives home the serious messages laced throughout the album. Wether it is unapologetic brashness on tracks like “Southern Ether” or darker more introspective tracks like “Angela Basset” the Magna Carda rhythm section (fronted by producer Christopher Beale) has a groove to fit every mood. Magna Carda’s CirQlation release party is Friday, February 5th at The Belmont.

Stream 4 songs off of Magna Carda’s new album CirQlation at the bottom of this post.

Magna Album Release Poster

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