Nipsey Hussle & Success

This week on The Breaks:

  • Confucius and Fresh talk about whether Nipsey Hussle’s profile was elevated after his death and discuss what “success” really means today.
  • They explore the history of  Outkast’s Stankonia Studios and reflect on the stories that might be told about Austin hip-hop someday.
  • Both  hosts make a call more Black tastemakers in Austin.
  • Fresh talks about Summer Walker’s desire to just make art and discourages musicians from avoiding the business side of the music industry as part of his Unpopular Opinion.
  • Confucius lets people know they can support the local scene in Austin every Thursday from 9pm-1am when he DJ’s at Troublemaker.  He’ll play a mix of classical and local music.
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The Breaks: Nipsey Hussle and Success

November 11, 2019

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