Sharon is Karen

Don’t let them tell you differently; it’s all rock ‘n’ roll.

Joshua Logan of The Blind Pets stopped by the KUTX studios for a chat with Laurie Gallardo about Sharon is Karen, the local trio’s rock-solid latest release; what lies at the core of making music and writing songs for Logan; why he prefers working his butt off to fund his own musical projects; and why it’s absolutely mind-blowing to know that Dave Grohl digs your music. With photographic proof, no less!

The interview originally aired last week during Laurie’s show, but you can listen to it here. And you can see The Blind Pets tonight at the Swan Dive, 615 Red River, with AMM fave Think No Think, Cunto, Second Lovers, and spins by DJ Bree Rose.

-Photo of Joshua Logan courtesy of The Blind Pets.

-Click on the MP3 below to hear the interview with Joshua Logan.

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