Think No Think – “This Is Mine”

Riding high on the September release release of their sophomore album Nothing Really Matters, Austin power rock trio Think No Think is back with another delightfully rambunctious music video for their song “This Is Mine.” For this video, they trade in the lab coats and fake guts from their “9-5er” video shoot for sledgehammers, axes, and an abandoned house to demolish. Like the guitar smashing through a window in the video’s first frame, the song starts with an explosion of guitar, bass, and drums that maintain a rabid intensity for the song’s entire three-minute runtime. In good punk rock fashion, the band spends that time smashing everything in sight and generally reveling in their wanton destruction of the material world. It’s not until you’re singing along with the chorus, “Make a record for the CIA/They’ll pluck it from my stupid brain/Give it away without the batting of an eyelash/This is mine/This is mine and you can’t have it” that you realize the song is actually one big middle finger to Big Brother. As the mayhem intensifies we found ourselves wanting to pick up a hammer and join singer/guitarist John Downey on his mission to tear it all down.

Join the wrecking crew this Friday, October 18th for a show at The Far Out at 8504 S. Congress Ave. Hard hats recommended.

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