Under the Covers 2022

For the last two years, we’ve been told to stay home, be careful, all that. So let’s stay in—and get weird. Starting Friday, January 28, we want you to get under the covers with KUTX. All weekend long we’ll play covers of songs you know, covers of songs you’ll want to know, and songs that just might teach you a thing or two about a thing or two.

We’ll start at 6 AM on Friday the 28th and end at 6 PM on the 30th.

And we’ve also got a special gift for you: donate $15 a month and we’ll send you our new blanket. Get it? Like covers. But only for a limited time. Donate Friday through Sunday.

In case you missed Under the Covers Weekend, don’t worry! You can still listen anytime below.

Old School Dance Party Fridays, 4pm-7pm

John E. Dee’s playing the music that got you in trouble.

Old School Dance Party

Under the Covers Edition

Left of the Dial Fridays, 7pm-11pm

New adventures in music every week with host Rick McNulty

Left of the Dial

Under the Covers Edition

My KUTX Saturdays, 6pm-7pm

Every week we invite our favorite musicians and music lovers to play whatever they want to play.

Austin Under The Covers

My KUTX // January 29, 2022

Uptown Saturday Night Saturdays, 7pm-10pm

Rick McNulty transforms into Rick Daddy and spins classic R&B, Soul, and Funk spanning several decades

Uptown Saturday Night

Under the Covers Edition

The Breaks Saturdays 10pm-1am

Jordan Vonderhaar/Contributor #1 Hip-hop show in Austin where hosts Confucius and Fresh talk all things hip hop

The Breaks

Under the Covers Edition: Hip Hop Samples

Sunday Morning Jazz Sundays, 7am-10am

Everything from traditional New Orleans jazz, to bebop, soul jazz, and the latest electronic fusions with host Jay Trachtenberg

Sunday Morning Jazz

Under the Covers Edition

Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, Sundays 6pm-7pm

A kid-friendly program that appeals to your indie music sensibilities

Spare the Rock

Most Recent Episode

From bar bands aping their favorite records to radical artistic remakes, cover songs are ubiquitous, loved by musicians and fans alike. Heading in our KUTX Covers Weekend, here’s a few staff favorites. 

Jody Denberg
Host, Mon-Thu 5pm – 8pm & Fri. 12pm – 4pm

Patti Smith – “Gloria” 

One of my favorite covers is Patti ‘s version of Them’s “Gloria” – the first song on her first album, Horses. I love how Patti starts her version with her own “In Excelsis Deo” – “Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine” and then she and her Group do a slow build before the cathartic chorus. A gateway between classic rock and punk.

-Jody Denberg

Fresh Knight
Host, Sat. 10am-2pm & the Breaks

Frank Ocean – “At Your Best (You Are Love)

Frank has one of the best covers of a cover I’ve heard. Originally an Isley Brothers song, then covered by the late great Aaliyah, Frank Ocean gives this song a less seductive feel, and adds more of a soul-bearing to the song.

-Fresh Knight

Ryan Wen
Host, Tues. 8pm – 11pm & Sat. 2pm – 6pm

Karen Dalton – “Take Me”

Almost in spite of his own words, George Jones’ immaculate voice soothed even during his saddest songs. If he had a vocal antithesis, it was Karen Dalton. Where Jones whispers hope beneath the sorrow, Dalton is only despair, her voice like jagged gravel on the floor of a condemned smokehouse. The tragic lyrics Jones wrote (with the help of another Texan, Leon Payne) for “Take Me” were not meant for his divine vocal chords, but for Dalton’s cursed warble.

-Ryan Wen

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