Video Premiere: Brian Pounds – “Rattlin’ My Bones”

We’re excited to give you an exclusive preview of Brian Pounds’ new music video for “Rattlin’ My Bones”. It’s the lead-off song on his brand new album Southern Writer, available exclusively online at his website.

This take of “Rattlin’ My Bones” was filmed and recorded live at Blue Rock Studios in Wimberley, Texas as part of Brian’s larger effort to draw attention and pay respect to the musician’s creative process.

For just about any artist going forward, it’ll probably be necessary to have really good streaming numbers. But I’ve lived with it long enough, and I can no longer consciously be a part of the problem. The songs on this record took me years to write. They’re about my 10 years of driving through the night to get home from smoke filled bars. They’re about staying up all night to watch my daughter sleep the first night she was home. They’re about trying to understand the death of my best friend. They’re worth more to me than a click on a website.

– Brian Pounds

You can catch Brian Pounds playing more new music this Tuesday, July 31st at Saxon Pub. Grab your tix HERE!

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