Leave KUTX a Birthday Message

KUTX turns 10 in January, and we’re celebrating by putting listeners on the air!

In 2023, KUTX will recognize ten years of great Austin music and the listeners (including you) who made it all possible. As part of our year-long celebration, we want to hear our listeners’ voices on the air. Want to be part of the party? Record a message of 5 minutes or less using the widget and tips below. We might use your message on the air, and you’ll be entered to win a pair of 3-day passes for ACL Fest 2023.*

Step 1: Prepare …

  • Find a quiet space to record. Rooms with carpet, rugs, or drapes work best (walk-in closets are great!) But if you don’t have those, a quiet room, or even your car, is fine.
  • Think about what you want to say. Here are some prompts if you need a little help:
    • share the story of a favorite KUTX-related memory
    • tell us about a beloved band/artist or song you discovered on KUTX
    • share why KUTX is special to you
  • It’s okay to write out your thoughts first (but notes/bullet points will help you sound more natural than a script.)

Step 2: Record …

  • Be yourself (because that’s who we want!)
    • Imagine you’re talking to a good friend over margs.
    • If you mess up, just pause and start again – no need to re-record, as we will edit out any imperfections. (We promise you’re gonna sound amazing.)
    • “Umms” and “you knows” are fine – we want you to sound like a human!
  • Be sure to mention your name! (If you’re a KUTX member or volunteer, feel free to add that, too!)
  • After you’ve shared your KUTX story or thoughts, please end your message with a birthday greeting for KUTX.

If we end up using your message on the air, we’ll reach out to you by email to let you know!

Winner of a pair of 3-day ACL Fest passes will be chosen at random from entries received by July 1, 2023. Entrants must be 18 years of age or more to claim prize. Full rules.

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