Jay Trachtenberg’s ACL Picks

David Byrne

Fridays, Oct 5 & 12, American Express Stage, 3:45 – 4:45pm

 Zilker Park is probably not the best venue for David Byrne’s multi-media endeavors but there’s not denying the cache he brings to any celebration.  Expect a mix of dance-inducing tunes from his current album, American Utopia, along with some Talking Heads favorites.

Recommended track: Everybody’s Coming To My House


St. Vincent

Saturday, Oct. 5, Miller Lite Stage and Sunday, Oct. 14, HomeAway Stage

 You never quite know what you’ll encounter from St. Vincent whose musical and personal stylings always seem to be well ahead of the curve.  Her most recent album of electro-pop, Masseduction, was delightfully edgy.  And when push comes to shove, she can really shred on guitar.

Recommended track:  Los Ageless


Janelle Monae

Sundays, Oct. 5 & 12, American Express Stage, 4-5pm.

 The Electric Lady, as she’s sometimes known, has it all: the voice, the moves, the look, the vision.  Monae is one of the most exciting performers I’ve seen in years.  Her penchant for futuristic, Afro-centric, femme-friendly creations can be dazzling.

Recommended track: Tightrope


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