Ones to Watch: The Painted Redstarts

All this week, KUTX is highlighting the “Ones To Watch”–seven must-see artists at SXSW 2014.

The Painted Redstarts are leading the charge for a new generation of Austin bands. The group features some familiar names: Marlon Sexton, son of Charlie Sexton, and William Harries Graham, son of Jon Dee Graham. While only in their teens, the members are already making a mark. At this year’s Austin Music Awards ceremony, they’ll be performing with several of Austin’s best under-18 bands as the “Youngbloods Choir.” Take a listen to their profile below, and catch them at SXSW 2014:

Wednesday, Mar 12: Dogwood, 3:30pm

Wednesday, Mar 12: Austin Music Awards, 7:55pm

Thursday, Mar 13: Lucy’s Fried Chicken, noon

Thursday, Mar 13: Shotguns, 8:00-8:40pm (official showcase)

Friday, Mar 14: Threadgills, 1:30pm

Friday, Mar 14: Javelina, noon

Saturday, Mar 15: Maria’s Taco Xpress, 2:00pm

Saturday, Mar 15: Lamberts, 8:00-8:40pm (official showcase)

Sunday, Mar 16: ABGB, 5:00pm

Sunday, Mar 16: Continental Club, 9:00pm

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