Typhoon #FSRocks 3.12.14

When David Letterman asked Portland band, Typhoon ,if they were aware that they had two drummers, the band’s front-man, Kyle Morton (vocals, guitar), replied, “We’ve got three.”

The band feels like a huge family, usually performing with no less than 11 members on stage with songs that often feature all 11 voices singing out together. The sound is massive–a junior orchestra of strings, drums, and horns–sounding as though it could swallow Morton’s singular voice up at any moment. If it had to be classified, you could call it chamber-pop, post-pop, and whatever genres are listed for the band, Mumford and Sons. While it’s not always fair to draw comparisons, it’s safe to say that if ya like ‘The Sons,’ you’ll also like Typhoon.

“Death affirming” is the description they give themselves on their Facebook page, and after hearing their latest album, White Lights, it makes sense. The album features tracks titled, “Possible Deaths” and “Dreams of Cannabalism,” and lyrics like, “soon enough you will be dancing at my funeral.” Although it’s morbid, don’t let that scare you away. These guys are destined to be big … bigger than they already are. We managed to fit all of them on our Four Seasons stage on Wednesday morning. We have a few pictures too on Flickr.

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