A. Sinclair 5.11.16

Photo by Gabriel C. Pérez

Listen to A. Sinclair’s music and you get the sense that frontman Aaron Sinclair knows a thing or two about late night gigs in dive bars. The boozy, unpredictable nature of rock n’ roll in tight spaces seems to pervade every aspect of his music. That barely contained kinetic energy is on full display in the band’s two minute burner, “Let It Out”, off their new album Get Out of the City. The song explodes in twin rifle shots of electric guitar and pounding drums with Sinclair’s lyrics, “Things grab onto you/ put the claws in and pull you close/ Let it go”, trying to pull something from the unrelenting momentum of life on the road. Even when the band slows down on songs like “Get Out of the City”, it’s hard to escape the intensity in A. Sinclair’s music.

A. Sinclair celebrates the release of his new album “Get Out of the City” Saturday, May 14th at The ABGB with Otis the Destroyer. Listen to his Studio 1A performance below.

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