Abhi The Nomad 5.26.22

Gabriel C. Pérez/KUTX

Abhi The Nomad visited Studio 1A last month to tell us about a big Memorial Day weekend celebration at Antone’s and Empire Control Room benefitting the Black Austin Musicians Collective. It was also the first time we’ve been able to see songs from his latest full-length album, Abhi vs. The Universe, performed live.

The new album follows closely in the footsteps of 2018’s Marbled and 2019’s Modern Trash, traversing the entire landscape of contemporary pop music over the course of thirteen incredibly catchy songs. One listen and it’s obvious Abhi is more than just a diehard music fan, he is a lifelong student of music in all shapes and sizes. Always listening for that new rhyme, new beat, or new guitar riff he can spin into gold. Whether it’s turning the cliched phrase, “I got the bag,” into a roast of runaway materialism and excess on his song “Bag,” or a skewering of the YOLO lifestyle in “Good Luck,” Abhi The Nomad’s ability to synthesize all the sounds around him into two-minute nuggets of pop perfection continue to make him one of the wittiest songwriters and skilled beatmakers in Austin.

Watch Abhi The Nomad’s full session from 1A with guitarist Travis Brown and percussionist Jess Leonard and keep up with his new music and podcast that nobody asked for, “Nobody Asked,” at the links below!


Set List:

“Good Luck” “Bag” “Rockstar”


Musicians: Abhi Sridharan Vaidehi – vocals; Travis Brown – guitar; Jess Leonard – drums

Producer: Deidre Gott

Cameras: Michael Minasi, Karina Lujan, Gabriel C. Pérez; Edit: Michael MInasi

Audio Engineers: Jake Perlman; Rene Chavez

Audio Mix: Rene Chavez

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