Alejandro Escovedo 1.12.18

Listening to Alejandro Escovedo’s catalog is a bit like reading tree rings. Through careful examination of the rings left behind, you can decipher the sights, sounds, and most importantly, the music coming out of the Austin scene (even though he now lives in Dallas) from just about any time over the past thirty years. They also reflect Escovedo’s own growth as an artist, with each successive ring adding layers of depth and complexity to his punk rock roots. For example, on this most recent visit to Studio 1A, Escovedo brought a 12 piece orchestra to accompany his songs, “Castanets”, “As I Fall”, and “Velvet Guitar”.  The result is beautifully textured rock ‘n’ roll that transcends any one genre and firmly plants Alejandro Escovedo as one of the preeminent songwriters/composers working in Texas today. This big band was pulled together to help support the “Think Of The Link Tour” which raises awareness of the link between certain viruses and cancer. Scroll down to get the goods. Enjoy!

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