Alexia Bomtempo at KUTX 2.7.14

Born the daughter of an American singer-songwriter and a Brazilian entertainment producer, Alexia Bomtempo has roots in both America and Brazil. Always surrounded by music growing up, her mother exposed her to American blues, jazz, and folk (Dylan, Lennon, and Joni). Her father played her the likes of Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, and Gilberto Gil, and this multi-cultural and cross-genre exposure to music weaved its way into Alexia’s own personal style. The singer has spent a great deal of her life bouncing back and forth between the United States and Brazil and therefore has records in both Portuguese and English. She has two albums, Astrolábio and I Just Happen to Be Here, both produced in 2008. Some of her songs deal with the feelings of isolation that can accompany belonging to two different cultures, but not fully belonging to either one, “One day I had to leave my country, calm beach and palm tree/ That day I couldn’t even cry/ And I forgot that outside there would be other men/ But today, but today, but today, I don’t know why/ I feel a little more blue than then.” Listen to our recording of Alexa Bomtempo right here!

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