Wild Feathers at KUTX 1.22.14

Wild Feathers is an Austin, Texas band that formed in 2010 with the likes of Texas and Oklahoma boys, Ricky Young, Taylor Burns, Joel King, and Preston Wimberly. Each group member was a lead singer in another band before they joined forces out of a mutual love for 60’s and 70’s rock and folk (think: Zeppelin, The Band, Tom Petty, and Neil Young). Eventually the group migrated to Nashville where they scored a record deal with Warner Bros. and opened up for big names, like Bob Dylan and our very own Willie Nelson. The ‘about’ section of the group’s Facebook says it best, “They’re like if Led Zeppelin & The Band had a baby in Joshua Tree that grew up listening to Ryan Adams covering the Stones 70’s country influenced songs.” Check out their live performance  here from January 22.

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