Black Pistol Fire 5.17.16

Two people shouldn’t be allowed to make this much noise. I may only understand physics via late night wikipedia rabbit holes, but I’m confident that between the two of them, Black Pistol Fire is accelerating the inevitable heat death of the universe. Every lick from Kevin McKeown’s guitar threatens to ignite the atmosphere, and Eric Owen is a controlled conflagration of head-banging beats. The last time a two-piece gave me a bangover (a post metal show affliction where your neck is sore from headbanging too violently) this bad was after hearing the opening track of the Black Keys’ Thickfreakness for the first time.

Despite the irreparable damage these Canadian pyromancers have caused to the upper spines of their fans, and the reality that they are potentially guiding us towards a more entropic universe, Black Pistol Fire is KUTX’s Artist of the Month. McKeown and Owen came into Austin via Toronto several years ago and quickly became known around town for their high-powered live shows and undeniable musicianship. Pulling inspiration from Muddy Water’s Chicago style electric blues, and rock n’ roll greats from Led Zeppelin to Nirvana, the duo embody the raw energy of their rockin’ mentors without losing an ounce of the sound of a larger lineup. Witness them live at their album release party for Don’t Wake the Riot at Emo’s this Friday, and prepare yourself with their Studio 1A session below.


Ryan Wen

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