Bedouine 8.17.17

Bedouine means nomad, wanderer, and it is a fitting title for Azniv Korkejian, who has covered a lot of physical, and emotional, ground in her time. Born in Aleppo, Syria she spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia, before moving to America where she city-hopped until landing solidly in LA. All this movement has given Bedouine a travel-motivated minimalism, in both her life and folk music. Her self-titled debut release may be thick with strings, and at times rather sonically ornate, but it retains a lilting intimacy in Bedouine’s mesmerizing voice. The album is held together by her serene narrations and is relentless in its emotional intensity. This is most obvious in the fluttering anxiety of “Summer Cold” written following the news of the unrest in Aleppo. The song concludes with found-sound samples recorded at her grandmother’s home; a world now lost to her. This track is a vividly personal testament to the depth of Bedouine’s songwriting. This may be her first studio effort, but the album is so completely mature and effortlessly charming it listens like the work of a seasoned professional. Bedouine brought her ethereal sound to Studio 1A. Check out the full session below!

– Georgina Cook

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