Blue Healer 8.30.16

It’s not everyday you see a band plug an acoustic upright bass into an array of guitar effects pedals. Then again, Austin’s Blue Healer isn’t trying to recreate anything, they’re actively looking for fresh ways to approach their music. Consisting of three refugees from the highly regarded but relatively short lived Americana band Sons of Fathers, David Beck (bass), Bryan Mammel (synth), and Dees Stribling (drums) have teamed up again to push their sonic explorations into new atmospheres. Leaning on songwriting chops honed from years of writing alt-country gems, the band leaves the twang behind by adding layers of effects onto their decidedly analog instruments. Songs like “Bad Weather” use their synth heavy sound to maximum effect, starting slowly with a simple melody before cranking up the intensity with massive swells of synth and distorted bass kept in check by Dees’s perfectly modulated drumming. The exploratory nature of their music lends itself perfectly to road trips, outdoor adventures, and spirit quests. Their self titled debut album drops September 9th.

Listen below to their recent session in Studio 1A and let us know where the music takes you. Safe travels!


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