BUHU 9.25.18

Photo by Gabriel C. Pérez

More than just a moniker, BUHU is a retrospective of their lives and a reflection, or refraction, of their relationship. Nothing is held back, all is laid bare. Born and bred between Wisconsin and Texas, the synth pop duo of Jeremy Rogers and Tiffany Paciga draws from many of the greats both past and present, from Jackson Browne to Modest Mouse, The Books, Tortoise, even Peter Gabriel.

To see BUHU perform is an experience so intimate that it feels almost illicit—like peeking through a window and witnessing a private moment you’re not meant to get to share. Rogers exudes true feeling on stage while Paciga holds court stoically and majestically. Together they weave a musical tapestry that’s lush, sexy, and utterly captivating. The juxtaposition of the two performers together is impossible to look away from. It’s music you know somebody’s getting lucky too, whether you happen to be one of those lucky ones or not.

BUHU are touring to support the release of their debut studio album “Tenets.” If one word best describes the album, it might be verklempt; Rogers often sounds overcome, overwhelmed. When he’s in love, he can’t believe his luck. When he grieves, he grieves to the gills. It’s a brave, bold offering, anchored against the threat of sentimentality by the sureness of compositional instinct and production chops oozing out of every musical nook and cranny.


Host: Jeff McCord
Producer: Deidre Gott
Engineer: Jake Perlman
Cameras: Hannah Edelman, Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon

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