Caleb De Casper 5.8.19

Photo by: Gabriel C. Pérez

Caleb De Casper has always known what he’s wanted to do and who he was destined to be. “Since conception,” he notes coyly, behind sharp shades, under a tall wig, and clad in a corset, fishnets, and inches of heels, all black. Horror Glam Rock has been his trade for many years, lessening the shock value without compromising any of the edge. A classically trained pianist, his live sets and studio sound are embellished with this flourishing texture, blended with traditional rock instrumentation to conjure an energy and space that’s as dynamic as it is theatrical. His new EP De Casper is out May 17th, and he dropped by with his shirtless lads to perform in Studio 1A. Behold!

-Taylor Wallace, Weeknight Host


Host: Taylor Wallace
Audio Engineer: Cliff Hargrove
Producer: Deidre Gott
Cameras: Gabriel C. Pérez, Salvador Castro

Caleb DeCasper- Full Session

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