Cedric Burnside Sings The Blues

Deborah Cannon

Listen to the full Studio 1A session, hosted by Jody Denberg.

KUTX Studio 1A: Cedric Burnside performance and interview

Hosted by Jody Denberg May 10, 2024

Few artists are able to capture the Hill Country Blues sound as raw and authentic as Cedric Burnside. Being the grandson of pioneering bluesman R.L. Burnside, Cedric’s talent clearly runs in the family. And his latest album, Hill Country Love  released in the beginning of April, marks another notable addition to his Grammy acclaimed lineup of work.

Hill Country Love Album Cover

“Recorded in an old building in Ripley, Mississippi” – as the official credit states, Cedric’s newest record stems from the birthplace of Hill Country Blues itself and the 14 songs on it were finished in two days. The album is an earnest exploration of the roots and evolution in the Hill Country Blues genre, characterized by its raw, repetitive rhythms and close ties to the North Mississippi region. Hill Country Love is not just an album; it’s a chapter in the ongoing story of the Burnside legacy, inviting listeners to experience the heart and soul of Hill Country Blues through Cedric’s eyes.

Cedric Burnside in KUTX Studio 1A / Deborah Cannon

Cedric is currently touring the states and performed at 3Ten on May 10, but not before we hosted him in Studio 1A. To Cedric, not only is Hill Country Love imbued with the raw, spirited essence of Hill Country Blues, the album also serves as a reflection of Cedric’s own personal growth and artistic journey that’s already seen astonishing accomplishments and only keeps growing.


KUTX Studio 1A with Cedric Burnside

Date: 5.10.24

Set List:

“Hill Country Love”

“What Makes Me Think”

“Toll On They Life”

Album: Hill Country Love (Mascot Label Group/Provogue 2024)

Musicians: Cedric Burnside – vocals, guitar; Kody Harrell – bass, Joe Eagle – drums

Credits: Host: Jody Denberg; Producer: Deidre Gott; Production Assistant: Confucius Jones; Audio Engineer: Jake Perlman, Rene Chavez; Audio Mix: Jake Perlman; Photos: Deborah Cannon, Words: Diego Artea

Cedric Burnside performance in KUTX Studio 1A

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