Chris Cohen 2.7.17

We were fans of Chris Cohen before we knew it. As a driving creative force behind numerous bands, including The Curtains, Cryptacize, and most notably Deerhoof from 2002-2006, Cohen’s take on psychedelic indie-pop felt familiar when we first heard the standout single “Torrey Pine” from his latest solo album As If Apart. Unlike other psychedelic-tinged groups that rely on slow builds and spaced out jams, Cohen jumps right into fully formed textures and grooves, containing any freakouts within his concise indie songwriting sensibilities. Chris Cohen and his band stopped by Studio 1A as part of lengthy U.S. tour with Angel Olsen. Take a listen to the session in the player at the bottom of this post or scroll down to watch the video of his performance of “Torrey Pine” from Studio 1A. 

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