Cibo Matto at KUTX 2.20.14

photo courtesy of Todd V. Wolfson

A “heady brew of funk samples, hip-hop rhythms, tape loops, and fractured pop melodies all topped off by surreal narratives sung in a combination of French and broken English.” This is Pitchfork‘s description of the band, Cibo Matto, a pair of Japanese expatriates who moved to New York and play under an Italian name. (Cibo Matto literally translates to ‘food madness’ or ‘crazy food.’) The name reflects the early lyrical content of the band: food, but founding members, Yuka Honda and Miho Hatori have since expanded their lyrical content and their sound. Their newest album, Hotel Valentine was released on Valentine’s Day this year and is the first album they’ve released since 1999 (Stereo Type A). We’re glad Cibo Matto is back from their long hiatus and joining us Thursday February 20 at 7 p.m.! They will also be playing February 19 at Austin’s Mohawk. Doors at 6:30.

Catch their Studio 1A session HERE!



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