Coffee Sergeants at KUTX 8.28.13

Long-running Austin band The Coffee Sergeants are undoubtedly of legendary status here in our beloved city. They may have never hit it big outside of Texas, but the rock/psychedelic/alternative/jangly folk band have a (well-deserved) dedicated cult following. Their music is inspired by Pink Floyd, Buffalo Springfield, and R.E.M., and they released their first album, “Moonlight Towers,” named after Austin’s infamous moonlight towers, in 1993. Though they went on to break up in 1994, they eventually got back together in 1996, “unwilling to resume their status as ex-bandmates”. They released their most recent album, “Purple Martin Sanctuary” last year, and they’ve been playing gigs on and off for the past year.

Band members Carey Bowman, Mike Barnett, Doug Spinks, Jimi Teasdale, Terri Teasdale, and Jeff Farris were in our studio for a live performance today on Wednesday, August 28th, and you can check it out right here! If you want to catch the legends in action, they also play at the One-2-One Bar at 9:30pm on Thursday evening.

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