Crooked Bangs 4.21.17

Austin’s Crooked Bangs is a force of nature. Lead singer Leda Ginestra’s deep, dark, vocals take on a presence of their own, like a primal being escaped from a subterranean pit that joins forces with her predatory basslines to stalk the dense fog of Samantha Wendel’s fuzzed out guitar and drummer Phillip Gonzales’ wall of sound. The ferocity of their music defies easy description, elements of punk, new wave, and metal make their way into every song, creating a delicious hardcore stew. Crooked Bangs brought the darkness to Studio 1A to play a few tracks from their upcoming album, II, out April 21st via NErvous Intent Records. Take a listen to the session, then head out to Beerland on April 27th to witness the ferocity of Crooked Bangs firsthand.


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