David Garza at KUTX 8.9.13

In a town brimming with musicians, David Garza (pronounced “dah-VEED”)has managed to stand out, so much so that Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell declared May 12, 2011 as David Garza Day. Garza got his start a few decades ago during his college years at UT, where he was in a band called Twang Twang Shaka Boom. About a year after receiving a classical guitar scholarship from UT, he dropped out to pursue his music career. He started Wideopen Records in 1993, and has maintained a successful career throughout the years. The multi-instrumentalist is also a talented singer/songwriter, and his vocals have often been compared to the legendary Robert Plant. Garza recently released his newest album, the pop/rock “Human Tattoo,” this past June, and the concept behind it is an interesting one – Garza often felt uncool working in an industry with so many tattooed musicians, and he believes that we give each other human tattoos when we fall in love or change somebody’s mind.

The talented David Garza will was in our studio for a live performance on Friday, August 9 – check it out!

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