Mac Demarco 10.2.17

Gap-toothed indie-rocker Mac Demarco is making timeless music while still living off-the-cuff and in the moment. After graduating high school in 2008 Mac moved from Edmonton to Vancouver and began releasing music in quiet, Canadian obscurity under the name Makeout Videotape. In 2012 Mac crossed the border and released Rock and Roll Night Club under his own name; the EP was more cohesive, somewhat darker and immediately gathered more attention than his previous releases. Over the next five years he created a name for himself as a charming, approachable oddball; forgoing social media publicity for more a more grassroots, on-the-ground approach. Mac famously gave out his real address in Queens, invited fans over for coffee, and then followed through on the promise when they arrived in troves. His latest release, This Old Dog, recorded in his new LA bedroom, is much quieter and more introspective. The result is a stripped back album that never uses two words where there could be one. It is characteristically groovy, dark and sweet. We were lucky enough to have whacky Mac in Studio 1A; barefoot, laughing and singing. Missed the session? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered right here!

– Georgina Cook


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