David Ramirez @ KUTX 8.27.15

David Ramirez has been going solo for his own career – now he’s ready for a band.

Ramirez has managed to stand apart from the noise of other storytelling singer-songwriters, developing a fiercely loyal following of fans who are drawn to his intimately personal songwriting. Although the life of the traveling songwriter may seem romantic, Ramirez, who until recently toured completely by himself – devoid of a band, manager, or anyone else for company – has learned a lot from being isolated. “When you travel around alone for months at a time, the world revolves around you. There’s no one else in the equation. Everything was just about me. It’s a selfish way of living. And I’m ready to move on from that.”

It’s taken three years since that realization, but Ramirez is taking strides towards that personal growth both as a musician and as a man with his latest album, FABLES, due for release on August 28th. FABLES is a sparse, poignant set of songs crafted around Ramirez’ starkly beautiful baritone and his knack for writing “dark, wrenching tales that are immediately identifiable to those who’ve loved and lost,” and “brutally honest” lyrics that are “almost alarmingly descriptive.”

You can check out David Ramirez on Thursday, August 27th at The Cactus Cafe, Friday, August 29th at The Parish and you can stream him right here at KUTX!

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