Drew Davis 4.27.16


Drew Davis released her first album at eleven years old and never stopped. You either have to be a masochist or deeply passionate to survive music-life’s emotional palpitations, but after first listen, its abundantly clear that Davis is the latter. Since the sprouts of her sound first emerged fifteen years ago she’s been compared to people like Fiona Apple, but Davis’ lyrics don’t have the acerbic venom that Apple frequently spit out (especially in her early career). Davis doesn’t wear the armor of cynicism, and the vulnerability revealed in her lyrics might convince you to lower your shield too.

The set she played in Studio 1A is a little different than many of her recordings. There’s a strong jazz undertow with this one, and the band she brought in grooves hard. Check out the session at the bottom of the page and catch her EP release show tomorrow at the Cactus Cafe at 8pm.


–Ryan Wen


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