Dehd 5.13.22

Taking cues from Cocteau Twins and Joy Division, Dehd built their successful music career on sturdy foundations of synthesizers and spacy chorus. However, they found a way to mesh their love of post-punk with indie-pop sensibilities of the modern age, creating a new and refreshing take on the new wave experimentation of the 1980s. Staples of their songs include infectious guitar leads, pulsing basslines, and barely-contained emotions held in lead singer Emily Kempf’s voice. Deliberately lo-fi but still carefully mixed, their last EP, Empty in My Mind, showcases the evolution of their songwriting and production. Dehd’s upcoming album, Blue Skies, seems to be their most ambitious project yet, with former Slowdive and Arcade Fire engineers assisting in the recording and production of the album. In Studio 1A, Dehd treated us to performances of “Bad Love” and “Stars,” both of which appeared on the Empty in My Mind EP, and “Loner,” a fan favorite from their previous album, Flowers of Devotion

Blue Skies will be released this Friday, May 27, on Fat Possum Records. Dehd will be spending the summer playing shows in the US, Canada, and UK, and they’ll be returning to Austin in October for their set at ACL. For more Dehd content, watch our very own Taylor Wallace chat with Emily Kempf about the challenges that surrounded the release of Flowers of Devotion.  

Set List:
“Bad Love”


Emily Kempf: Guitar, vocals, Jason Balla: Bass, Eric McGrady: Drums

Host: Taylor Wallace, Producer: Deidre Gott; Audio Engineers: Jake Perlman; Cameras: Patricia Lim, Renee Dominguez; Edit: Renee Dominguez

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