English Teeth at KUTX 8.19.13

Austin band English Teeth was formed after musician Kevin Hoetger and friend Adam McKay (writer for comedic hits such as Anchorman and Talladega Nights) saw a James McMurtry set at the Continental Club and were inspired by his protest songs. The two came up with an idea for a band that would protest the commercialism and licensing mill of America, with Hoetger as lead vocals and guitar. Thus, English Teeth was formed, and they released a four-song EP, including the song Public Domain Protest Song, which was uploaded on a website publicdomainprotestsong.com where other bands can also upload their protest songs. Their music is reminiscent of tunes from the British Invasion (think The Clash and The Rolling Stones), and the band just began a four-week Tuesday residency (“Teef Tuesdays”) at Club de Ville, ending September 6th.

Band members Hoetger, Alexander Lynch, Kevin McKinney, and Kyle Crusham were in our studio on August 19th, and their performance rocked hard – check it out right here, because you know what’s up.

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