Ethan Azarian @ KUTX 03.04.2015

Austin-based musican and visual artist Ethan Azarian may not be “trying to save or change the world,” but he has been making it a more colorful and beautiful place.

Growing up on a farm in Vermont with two artist parents, Azarian has been playing guitar and creating visual works for almost his whole life. Painting smaller canvases, as well as a multitude of murals around town, Azarian has also been playing in Austin for years, starting with his band Orange Mother in th 1990’s and now with former bandmate and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Johnston since 2005. His eccentric version of folk hangs in the air like a lullaby, his songs sparse, sweet, and captivating in their simplicity. Ethan Azarian will be releasing his new album with fellow collaborator Jeff Johnston this month.

You can catch Ethan Azarian performing live with Jeff Johnston tomorrow night, March 5th at the Cactus Cafe or you can stream his music right here on KUTX.

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