Garner Sloan 5.25.17

Garner Sloan are using hybrid country music to tell tales of the American Gothic and boy are we excited. Originally from West Texas Garner Sloan moved to Austin and brought his smooth, dusty vocals and plucking guitar with him. The band’s latest release Liquid Sails & Bobcat Tails is a study in blending genres; tracks like “Bound to Lose” are part jazz, part country, part American Gothic. Influences like Edgar Allan Poe bleed through on songs like “Vacation Land”; which uses wailing vocals and a persistent accordion to create a world of deception that you cannot escape. The result is a haunting, maddening circus in the same vane as “Hotel California”. Garner Sloan dropped past studio 1A to deliver some sweet vocal harmonies and a sense of unease ahead of their album release show at Stay Gold. Check it out below!

–  Georgina Cook

* Upcoming Shows **

5/27 @ Stay Gold (album release show)

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