Girlpool 5.7.19

Photo By: Gabriel C. Pérez

A lot’s changed in the sound of L.A.’s Girlpool since their 2017 sophomore LP Powerplant.  Despite most of the new album being written around the time of their last record, the sound of some of the songs on What Chaos Is Imaginary would be almost unrecognizable by even some of the duo’s most loyal fans. Going from the minimal sound of guitars, pleasantly piercing harmonies, and the space between, the new album injects an array of new textures into the group’s sonic space. Drum machines, fuzz, layers-on-layers, it’s all there, and it’s all great. It’s also more of a dichotomy album, housing songs written and helmed by Cleo Tucker and Harmony Trividad individually, stitching together an indie rock tapestry that exemplifies Trividad’s and Tucker’s individual growth and proves that not only can change be good, it can transcend.

-Taylor Wallace, Weeknight Host


Host: Taylor Wallace
Engineer: Jake Perlman
Producer: Deidre Gott
Cameras: Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon, Gabriel C. Perez

Girlpool- Full Session w/ Interview

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