Golden Dawn Arkestra 9.23.19

Photo by Gabriel C. Pérez/KUTX.

Typically Golden Dawn Arkestra is labeled as a group all about love, light and tolerance, but when host Jody Denberg saw that the title of their latest album is Darkness Falls on the Edge of Time, he had to ask if they were going to the dark side. They simply responded, “No, but it feels like the planet is at the moment. This is a little bit of a reminder, a wake up call of where we are and the dire times that we are living in.”

The extraterrestrial supergroup stopped by Studio 1A after hours ahead of their October 5th album release show and ACL Late Night Show at Stubb’s to show us what’s in store.

Host: Jody Denberg

Audio: Cliff Hargrove, Jake Perlman

Cameras: Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon, Gabriel C. Pérez, Amarachi Ngwakwe, Nadia Elchmaissani

Producer: Deidre Gott



Golden Dawn Arkestra

Full Session with Interview



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