Gurf Morlix 2.6.19

photo by Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon

Austin based songwriter, producer, and award-winning Americana musician Gurf Morlix has always been one to follow his own beat. On his 10th solo album, Impossible Blue, Gurf Morlix takes an unflinching look at mortality — including his own — and finds a sliver of light through the blues. You might think the experience of writing and recording 10 solo albums would make the whole songwriting process a bit easier but Gurf is the first to admit “I was always writing songs, since I was a teen, but I probably wrote 200 songs before I wrote a really good one,” Morlix insists. “For me, it was a tough code to crack.” Gurf Morlix stopped by Studio 1A this week to share some of the new music with KUTX host Jody Denberg. Scroll down to listen to the full session and follow Gurf with the links below.


Host: Jody Denberg

Producer: Deidre Gott

Engineer: Jake Perlman

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