The Mavericks 4.29.17

They say band names don’t matter, but once in a blue moon we hear a band whose name perfectly matches their sound and style and we love it. The Mavericks is one of those bands. These guys are wild; led by frontman Raul Malo and born out of the alternative/punk scene of Miami in the late 80’s, the Mavericks went on to combine all sorts of American styles into their music, everything from country twang to Cuban grooves. They took most of the 2000s off to pursue their own solo work, but since 2013 they’ve been on the road again. Their 3rd album in this incarnation, Brand New Day, came out last week. It’s the unique blend of Americana licks and Cuban grooves that they’re known for, but with a new sense of maturity. The Mavericks stopped by Studio 1A to give us a taste of their new album.

– James Parker

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