Laura Marling @ KUTX 06.19.2015

Laura Marling‘s folk songs fall on the ear with distinction and clarity.

English singer-songwriter Laura Marling has been releasing music since the age of 18, her elegant guitar-work and striking voice delivering a mature and encompassing sound on each of her albums. Following the success of her 2013 release Once I Was An Eagle, Marling ended up taking some time away from music and its accompanying solitary existence, exploring the notion of community, mysticism, and the mechanics of songwriting. The resultant album, Marling’s fifth full-length Short Movie, is a self-produced effort, a poetic and intense exploration of humanity led by her familiarly breathtaking vocals, an extra touch of electric guitar, and “soft discordant” strings, all emerging out of the chaotic noises of her time away from music.

Laura Marling joined us in Studio 1A recently and you can stream her live set right here on KUTX!

How Can I

Laura Marling in Studio 1A


Laura Marling in Studio 1A


Laura Marling in Studio 1A

For The Sake Of The Song (Townes Van Zandt Cover)

Laura Marling in Studio 1A

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