Lomelda 2.16.16

Waco, TX’s Lomelda will slowly and gently extract your heart from your chest. Sometimes spacey, occasionally droney, and always beautiful, Lomelda is like a more dynamic and less delicate Low. Hannah Reid’s warbling vocals speak of nostalgia, longing for love, and ambivalence about getting older, and Zach Daniel’s drumming accents every subtlety of Reid’s daydreaming guitar. Highly recommended for fans of Julie Doiron, Mark Kozelek, or  so-called “slowcore” bands (I know, it’s an unfortunate title, but great bands nonetheless) from the 90’s.

You can listen to Lomelda’s live performance in Studio 1A at the bottom of the page, or catch their February 25th Hotel Vegas show, and February 26th show at Cheer Up Charlie’s.

–Ryan Wen

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