Magna Carda at KUTX 2.4.14

Solid hip hop groups are harder to come by in Austin than say, country or rock, but thanks to local band, Magna Carda the hip hop scene in Austin is that much better. Magna Carda is the collaboration of Megz Kelli (rapper), Dougie Do (beats, producer), Eric Nikolaides (guitar), Derek Van Wagner (bass), and Zach Stover (drums). The quintet is united in their mission to return to hip hop’s roots, while maintaining their own unique sound. Their latest album, Van Geaux (January 2014) is a fresh mix of guitar picking, saxophone, jazzy piano, and razor sharp flows–all immaculately produced by Dougie Do. The music flows easy, but the lyrics delve deep, touching upon topics like, “cultural slavery, critics… objectification of women, peer pressure in the age of kids raised by D.A.R.E., and Billie Holiday-as-therapy.” The band will be playing as part of the 2014 MapJam festival Saturday February 15 at 8:45 p.m. at The Historic Scoot Inn. Admission is free. Check out Magna Carda’s Studio 1A performance right here!

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